Audio Projects

Audio Production Projects

Our talented team member Yaron Banner, who’s a musician, composer and producer, is the heart and soul (a beautiful soul) of our audio production projects. We are experienced in all production stages and served musicians, singers, bands, DJs, filmmakers, magicians, choreographers, directors, comedians, VJs, gaming companies… You get the idea. We have the tools, knowledge and resources to accommodate any audio production project requirements.

Whether you’re a musician in need of a professional team to produce, mix and master your single/album, or if you’re looking for dubbing or music composed for a video/film/game/jingle, you have just hit the jackpot my friend! We constantly collaborate with professional musicians, singers and speakers to fulfill a wide range of audio production needs.

Check out some samples ⇓

Singles & Covers Production

Game Dubbing

Quinn Chert dubbing for Awesomenauts by Ronimo Games

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