Audio Projects

Audio Production

Audio Production Projects Our talented team member Yaron Banner, who’s a musician, composer and producer, is the heart and soul (a beautiful soul) of our audio production projects. We are experienced in all production stages and served musicians, singers, bands, DJs, filmmakers, magicians, choreographers, directors, comedians, VJs, gaming companies… You get the idea. We have […]

kNonAme Artist

kNonAme-Artist kNonAme Artist is a young Berlin based dance company, composed of talented dancers from around the world. As the name hint, the vision of the company is to blur ideas and concepts, and to own ambiguity. The works of the company include very different styles, like ballet and break dance, combined with a live […]

The Aikido Center of Israel

אלי-לרמן-המרכז-הישראלי-לאייקידו In this project the mission was to redesign a website for The Aikido Center of Israel. It has five branches, lots of students and one massive site, filled with tons of information. We had to design the site in a way that will be clear and simple for prospect students, and yet not boring and […]

East Gate

philippines-finger-print East Gate is a new company dealing with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to the Philippines. It’s a kicking and vibrant company with a young spirit. When hearing words like ‘business outsourcing’, most of us tend to start losing our focus. In this project we aimed our design efforts at projecting that lively and vibrant […]

MJ Willis Project-Inc.

Project-Inc Project-Inc. is a collaborative initiative that was created by Marcus Willis in 2016. Marcus has been a long time member of the very successful and rather historic American Dance Company ‘Alvin Ailey’, Based in NYC. In this project we aimed to build a website that is “light” by design and extremely easy on the […]

Shamel Pitts

BlackBox This project was made for an uprising performance artist, Shamel Pitts, at a point where he had just finished a 7 year long journey with the Batsheva Dance Company in Israel, under the artistic direction of famous Ohad Naharin, and moved on to fulfill his own path and passion in choreography, dance and teaching. […]