kNonAme Artist

kNonAme Artist is a young Berlin based dance company, composed of talented dancers from around the world. As the name hint, the vision of the company is to blur ideas and concepts, and to own ambiguity. The works of the company include very different styles, like ballet and break dance, combined with a live DJ.

Minimalism and simplicity were our general focus in this project. We aimed to makes the design and experience extremely simple and yet a little surprising in minimal ways.

Services provided in this project

– Web design
– Web development
– Content editing
– Logo design
– Image editing
– Print design

I have had the pleasure to work with such an amazing artist and friend. Yuval from Webtale, has the skill set to embody the vision I imagine. He is an artist when it comes to web design and he created what I wanted and also elevated my artistic needs to a business aesthetic. I was overjoyed by what he created and I was deeply believing that my website would attract more people to my work as a choreographer yet attract people to whom designed my website. He is fantastic and I am grateful to say that Yuval Moyal designed, and that he is a great friend.” Roderick George

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