Shamel Pitts

This project was made for an uprising performance artist, Shamel Pitts, at a point where he had just finished a 7 year long journey with the Batsheva Dance Company in Israel, under the artistic direction of famous Ohad Naharin, and moved on to fulfill his own path and passion in choreography, dance and teaching.

Shamel is a colorful and unique individual who gets to use his talents in many different arenas. The main focus in this project was to capture the essence of Shamel’s character while delivering his large and versatile portfolio in a way that is not overwhelming for his site’s visitors. Keeping it easy to navigate and understand the volume of Shamel’s work without getting lost.

Services provided in this project

– Web design
– Web development
– Content editing

Such a creative, skillful, and insightful team. Due to their prowess and patience towards truly understanding the artist’s work and its proposition, they captured the physical content of my work in an incredibly precise way, which is only amplified in the visual language of their design. It was a pleasure to collaborate and I look forward to many more!” Shamel Pitts

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